Perio Protect

Perio Protect

What is Perio Protect?

Perio Trays® were cleared by the FDA in 2004 with the intended use to place solutions of the clinician’s choice into gingival crevices or periodontal pockets.

These pockets are spaces that can develop between the teeth and gums due to gum disease.

Dentists may prescribe Perio Trays® when medications placed into the periodontal pocket could benefit a patient’s oral health.

Perio-Protect™ is a non invasive (non surgical) way to treat gum disease using an antimicrobial medicine compatible with the bodies’ natural defense to infection.

An initial consultation and examination is mandatory.

The medication is applied by you, the patient, for a few minutes every day by inserting custom made trays on the teeth (similar to mouth-guards).

The trays are made only in certified laboratories. They must be custom made in accordance with the periodontal pocket distribution throughout the mouth. They fit over the teeth and deliver an antibacterial gel which kills the pathogens responsible for gum disease.

The treatment is painless! The length and cost of the treatment is determined by the severity of the gum infection (from 3 to 6 or even 9 months) and must be followed by maintenance using the same trays. In some cases, 2 or 3 sets of trays are necessary during the active treatment.